The Higher Beings Full Trance Channeling Session

I received the Higher Beings Full Trance Channeling Session the other day.


With the permission of Ms. Chiharu Hayakawa,

I transcribed the contents of the session.


It was a full trance channeling with the higher being Alteria.

Like Darryl Anka, who is famous for channeling Bashar, 

Ms. Hayakawa aligned her frequency to that of the higher being and communicated their message to me during the channeling session. 


The messages were overflowing with love

My pineal gland was awakened, as if on fire. 


For those that like space and want to be awakened to live as their higher selves,

you may be able to receive important messages from this transcription.

Ms. Hayakawa has agreed and stated that this transcription would be a gift to everyone. 

I now love the universe more than ever 

I now also love myself 

My world is now overflowing with love and gratitude 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 


Hello, I’m the commander of Alteria.

Hello, I’m the commander of Alteria.



Welcome. I’m glad to meet you all.


Let’s jump in and let me start talking about your guide and higher self.


Do you know what is necessary for you to move onto the next level?


Sorry to start with a big question like this though.



  "Do you mean we still have lower frequencies which we haven’t released?"



(It’s not that you still have them but ) it’s more like you focus too much on them, and forget to let the higher frequencies in. 


Do you see (understand) that you can’t go higher without letting high frequencies in even you let go of lower ones?



  "Oh, yes. I see."



You need to let the hight frequencies in, and also you need to have an experience of them.


You can go to the place of high frequencies by yourself if you have the real experience of them.


That is why the guides are giving you lots of information so you can experience the high frequencies. 


Sometimes you listen, and other times you don’t, saying ‘oh well I guess I won’t do that’.


Your guide is saying; ‘Do you know why we came to this lady (Chiharu-san) today?’



  "Well, is it for us to move on to the next stage?"



Rather than moving on to the next stage we would like you to set your direction clearly.


What I’m saying is that by setting your goal clearly you can step up without losing yourself. 



Are you aware what in her attracts you? (why you are attracted to her?)



  "That would be…. Because she lives wth her higher self, living close to the light."



In fact it’s because you have similar frequency with her.


You have similar frequency of love and clarity with her, and that is why it’s easy for you to imitate her or go to the same place with her.


You can’t imitate the different type of person easily because you have different qualities in the first place.


You have many similar qualities with her, and that is why it’s easy to have an image of the oneness with your higher self.


Please listen more to what your guides are telling you.


I know you listen to them when you are in trouble, but you should listen to them everyday.


Your guides are aware of the questions you aren’t even aware that you have them. 


This guide is the leader of many guides, and is relaying the information.  


He is in the role of summarizing the info and pass it on to you.


So please listen to him very well.


You have a deep connection with space beings. 


Can you see your frequency goes up when you try to connect with them?



  "Well, I feel it since the channeling session in Osaka the other day."



You can get close to the space beings as you try to tune in to their frequency.


Then you can experience the dimension where neither good nor bad exists.


Do you recognize the part you thought it was bad during the conversation with Chiharu san earlier before we started?



  "I think it is bad (that I still have lower frequencies)."



And you have been trying to do something about the part that you think is bad.



  "Yes, I have been trying to let it go."



Do you understand that is making it harder to go up? (to raise your frequency)


The lower frequency will go, but unless you actually experience high frequency it will become harder for the low frequency to go.


The fact that you are struggling to let go of low frequency is a sign to tell you it’s necessary to move to higher consciousness. 


You are doing much better than other people, but please be aware you are still focusing on something that are not going well.


When you focus on negative things you can’t help but your frequency goes down compare to the time you try to connect with space beings.


Just put your attention more to higher frequencies and let them in as much as possible.


And balance is important.


It is rather important to focus on the dimension you are going to enter than looking at the past.


When you have a place you want to go, you will leave things you don’t need to take with you. 


And putting unnecessary things in your path won’t take you to the place you want to go.


So, I have a suggestion in order to expand your consciousness. 


I would like you to be aware more of the guide, of us, space beings, and of the fact there is an entity that has been sending you lots of light.


You must have been feeling, even before you were born, that you were somehow watched over. 


That is your best friend so to speak, from your past life, and she has been playing the role of your protector.


This situation is happening over the agreement between you and her.


She has been playing the role to remind you of the important memories from the past because it’s easy to forget them.


So please try to receive the information from her. 


And see her as someone who had a promise with you to have this relationship.  


I was asked by your guides to update the part of your spirituality.


That means you are ready to move on to the next level, but you have not accepted it yet. So let me help you to update that part.


It seems you are ready to move up to the next level, but sometimes you put too much focus on negatives and that prevents you from going up.


To say it simply, your power to heal will become stronger, and you will connect with more people.


You see yourself much lower than you actually are.


Will you please focus more on the higher part of your frequency?


Please do not think the lower part of your frequency is you.


You are going to be you with higher frequency, and please consider that is the real you.


And when the high frequency comes in the old one will go easily.


The frequency you think as yours right now is actually higher than you think.


Focus on the part that is light, and feel it.


That is you which is closer to your higher self, and the low frequency is like a smoke which is going to disappear. 


How do you feel? Has it changed?



  "I’m trying to focus on higher frequency as much as I can."



Do you see that the part of you that you thought was old has now left?


The part that you thought was you is now leaving.


This is how you move up, so keep going.


Please put your focus on the highest frequency inside of you.


Much much higher, where the light is!


Are you clearly aware of your healing energy?



  "No….. well, with some doubts…."



Are you not aware you are emitting the energy of healing?



  "I can be only aware when I’m told by someone."



I see.  Please be aware of that first.


Let me be clear that the part you thought was you is not you.


That is just your thinking, or the energy comes out of mere thought.


Do you search for the light inside of your body?



  "Right now I am only able to do it roughly…"



Look at the aura around your body.


Can you see there’s healing energy there?



  "No… I can’t. I can feel something (foggy or hazy)…the feeling of liveliness…."



Ok then, please make a decision right here.


Will you declare that you recognise your true self?



  "I declare that I recognise my true self."



And tune your 6th chakra into the frequency of healing energy.


You only need to intend to do so.


Feel the sensation of going up the energy of frequency that you already have.


  (** I am tuning in to the frequency.)


Next, bring the 5th chakra up there.


  (** I am tuning in to the frequency.)


This time tune the 4th chakra in to your healing energy.


  (** I am tuning in to the frequency.)


Do you see that the old frequency goes out when you tune in to higher frequency?


Will you intend to bring all chakras and the sensor of the chakra on the surface of your body up to the same frequency of the healing energy?


Please remember well that you will become the level you put your attention to.


You have been seeing and sensing the lowest frequency in you.


Now that you tuned into the higher frequency, you are going to make it (= the high frequency).


And the old frequency which can’t stay with high frequency will go automatically. 












土日も対応♪ 世田谷、駅4分、駐車場完備、宿泊可能。